September 12th, 2009


Laying Low

This is the final quiet weekend I expect to have for quite a while. Aside from walking down to the Centerville Farmers' Market this morning to buy a loaf of bread and some potatoes and corn on the cob, I planned on spending this weekend pretty quietly. I did finally bring myself to do something I've needed to do for quite a while now: clean the bathroom and kitchen, neither of which have been cleaned thoroughly for months now, what with me traveling so much. I had some idea of also getting the vacuuming done, but I didn't get that done -- tomorrow, I hope. I went for a walk after lunch and let myself get waylaid by a pinball machine. $4 and almost three hours later, I walked home, having got, I think, my money's worth in entertainment (and some exercise) from the Lord of the Rings pinball machine.

I should go to bed pretty soon, because I want to watch the Formula 1 race tomorrow morning, and it's at 4:30 AM Pacific Time. Yuck.