September 17th, 2009

Giants Fanatic

Great Seats, Terrible Result

I took the train up to San Francisco, catching an early express out of San Carlos. I must have fallen asleep, because the subjective travel time was something like five minutes before we pulled into the terminal at 4th & King Streets. I had lots of time to get down to the park, get some dinner, and eat it at my leisure from my seat before enough people came in to fill up the area around me.

My seat was in lower section 107, row 27, seat 10. I was pretty much looking right down on first base looking toward second, with a great view. The weather was just about perfect -- cool, but not so cold as to need a jacket. It was a great night for baseball.

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When I got home just before midnight, I was able to get out of my slacks and examine the damage to my knee. There's a good-sized scrape there, but nothing serious, I think. I cleaned it thoroughly, spread ointment on it and put a bandage over it, and put stain remover on the small blood stain on my pants, which fortunately are black and don't show the stain anyway. Bet I'll be a bit bruised in the morning, though.
Pensive Kevin

No Leak... But No Water, Either

The condo unit in which I live is managed by Company A, but the condominium complex as a whole is managed by Company M. Company A does all plumbing work with a particular plumbing contractor, while Company M has a single plumbing company for the entire complex. The complex plumbers know the oddities of the piping in these buildings, including the fact that you often have to shut off water to the entire building in order to do anything at all to any of the units. The "local" plumber rarely bothers to check with the "complex" plumber before doing anything.

I found a slow leak under the kitchen sink and called the unit management a few days ago. They sent a plumber today. He "fixed" the leak -- the faucet on the sink was corroded out, apparently -- but can't reconnect the new fixture without shutting down the whole building. When he called the complex management, they told him that this requires 48 hours notice, and weekends do not count, which means that the water is now turned off to my kitchen, including the dishwasher, until Monday.

I am Not Happy at all about this. How am I supposed to eat? I guess I'll have to carry water from the bathroom to the kitchen or something like that. I guess I'll get by, but it's extremely frustrating.
Hugo Logo

More Sour Grapes

Yet again we have a complaint that, in my opinion, boils down to, "The Hugo Voters don't give the trophies to the works I like, so I'm going to say they're irrelevant."

As I said in the comments there, The Hugo Award is not just for science fiction, but for science fiction and fantasy, and it always has been, even when it was nominally the "Science Fiction Achievement Award." And, as a reminder, the Hugo Award's official name is "Hugo Award," as WSFS dropped "Science Fiction Achievement Award" as the official name in the 1990s. (One vestigial reference remains in the WSFS Constitution as a sop to people who were unhappy at WSFS officially recognizing reality.)

Addendum, 23:30: A comment elsewhere prompts me to clarify that the "recognizing reality" here means "recognizing that we were never going to be able to legally protect the excessively-generic 'Science Fiction Achievement Award' name and therefore we gave up trying to do so." Some people at the time -- I was there when the decision to drop SFAA as the official name was being debated -- didn't want to give up the name even though the US Patent & Trademark Office had turned down our service mark registration. It was not some sort of official recognition that "fantasy is now part of the Hugo Awards, although it wasn't in the past."