September 23rd, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Roof Dispatches

The patches Lisa applied to the roof of the old house covered some, but not all, of the holes. When some rain came along, she found new holes. But she (quite sanely) will not do any work on that roof without someone on the ground as a helper. I couldn't arrange to come to Oregon in September because I'd had to keep the month clear for potential jury duty, so she was able to persuade her friend Scott to come down from Portland for the weekend.

Then, of course, it rained. You can't get any work done on the roof when it's raining. Besides the increased danger, the Snow Roof covering goop needs dry weather to cure. So when the rain cleared on Sunday they had to rush out and do as much as they could in just a few hours rather than over three days as planned.

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I hope the weather is good enough for us to work on this roof some more in October, because we really do need to get the leaks stopped so that we can repair the water damage on the lower floors and use the affected rooms again.