September 25th, 2009

Match Game SF

Match Game at SiliCon

Remember that we're scheduled to do Match Game SF at SiliCon 2009 on Sunday, October 4, from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM in the Siskiyou/Donner Pass Ballroom. That's actually a bit too long, although it allows us time to get set up and torn down. I don't think we'll fill all three-plus hours. With that much leeway, and with a panel in the room before us, I've proposed starting the first game at Noon. My normal insistence on a prompt start is due to us being time-constrained, which we do not appear to be this year. I'm planning on bringing enough material for five games, with a sixth -- probably "rerun" using older material -- in reserve. And we'll almost certainly take a ten-minute break after game 3 because everyone needs a bathroom break.

Lisa just called to tell me that she's bought new speakers and that we really don't need any of the convention's tech gear. I hope this doesn't lead to a collision between tech teams.

I can still use more questions, and a production assistant volunteer or two would be very helpful. Write to me at my LJ handle and the message will get to me. Thanks!