September 27th, 2009


Racing and Walking

I was up at the awful hour of 4 AM to watch the F1 from Singapore. As I couldn't just sit on the sofa (or lie in bed) watching the race on account of I would surely fall back asleep if I did so, I cooked myself a fairly ambitious breakfast using some of the stuff (potatoes, eggs) I bought in the local farmers' market yesterday. After the race, needing to burn off that big breakfast, I went for a morning walk around Quarry Lakes Park, in the hope of avoiding the hot weather that is predicted for today. It wasn't too bad, although the sun had been up for about two hours by the time I was out there and it was thus already pretty warm. There were a lot of pelicans out on the lakes -- 20 by my count, plus cormorants drying themselves on what looked like the middle of the lake thanks to the low water level. There were also hummingbirds along the back stretch of the park, plus the usual ducks, geese, seagulls, and assorted "little brown birds."

The rubber-dam decommissioning project must be over, because they've removed the detour onto the temporary trail set up along the top of the levee as well as the temporary fencing. They haven't yet closed off the detour trail itself, so I took that route for what might be last time and made note of the views down that side of the lake that will no longer be accessible if they remove the temporary trail, as I expect they will soon.

That's a good 5km walked this morning. Now I think a nap is in order.