October 10th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

That Darn Roof Continues

Having to fly two days in a row is not good for me, and not good for my back, but I didn't realize just how bad until Saturday morning, after flying from Oakland to Portland on Friday. Saturday I was in screaming pain when I tried to get out of bed. I had to crawl on the floor and pull myself up with my arms. After a few endless hours of pain, I finally got limber enough to get out and help Lisa get set up to work on the roof. She used the long-handled wire brush I'd bought a couple of years ago in Fremont and gave to her at SiliCon to scrub more moss from the roof, and then used the leaf-blower to blow the debris away. Then she had time to tack down more lathe to which the plastic sheeting will be stapled. But nothing goes quickly when working on a dangerously sloped roof, and by the time she got the lathe down, the sun was near the horizon and we called it a day.

Both of us were tired for different reasons. I discovered after going to bed that it doesn't take long for my back muscles to seize up again. While I was moderately comfortable flat on my back, trying to get up causes great pain. This is not good at all.

We did buy me a back brace on the way to Mehama from PDX, and it helps a little, but I can't wear it all the time, because it's very uncomfortable, especially with my excess fat in front. Of course, that big belly is one of the reasons my back is so stressed. More reasons to lose weight, of course.