October 17th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Rained Out, Rained In

The predicted storm finally arrived today, a little less wet than expected (except for brief moments of heavy rain), but put a damper on doing any chores or errands. Not that I'm in very good shape to do errands or chores. My back still hurts, albeit a little bit less every day.

Lisa has asked me to find her more old radio shows, so I spent some of this afternoon doing downloads.

Last night, we bought a small MP3 player for medicinal purposes. The idea is that we can put a pink-noise MP3 onto it and let it play, helping to mask the tinnitus in her left ear. The player is simple, which is good. It's so simple that it doesn't have a continuous-play mode, which is not good. Since they don't appear to be in stores anymore, we have some eBay bids in on some 2nd-generation iPod Shuffles, which look just about right to Lisa. The new 3rd-gen models are too small. Also, we need to find some audio-editing software to make the short MP3 (one minute of pink noise) into a much longer one, so that the brief silent gap between tracks will only be every hour or two.