October 21st, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Crack Back

This morning I once again limped over to the chiropractor, who showed me the x-rays, and diagnosed some spinal curvature, both in my lower back and also in my neck. Poor posture and hunching over a computer a lot probably contributes to the latter, and you can see on the x-rays where my vertebrae are starting to form little bone spurs, which, if not addressed, can actually lead to them fusing, which would be very bad.

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So after this first round of therapy and back adjustments, I can definitely say that I feel much better. One set of poking at my back does not a cure make, and I still can feel the pain in my lower back. I have another appointment for 5:30 PM on Friday afternoon. I carried the cane home with me and never used it again today, nor did I need to wear the back brace. Even more importantly, I felt limber enough to be able to take short (~1200 m) walks after lunch and dinner tonight. By my normal standards of walking 7-10 km/day, that's not much, but when you realize that for the past couple of weeks, I've barely logged 500 steps/day many days, and some days much less, due to barely being able to move.

At the doctor's advice, I will wear the back brace in bed, as it should reduce the pain and stress of getting out of bed in the morning by supporting the lower-back muscles that are troubling me. And I'm trying to concentrate on better posture, which is not easy when you spend your time concentrating on a computer screen and zoning out writing programs as I do for a living, but I'll do what I can.
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