October 22nd, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Say Eye

This afternoon I went for my annual diabetic eye examination, which means getting my eyes dilated and tested. The good news: no sign of any degeneration or damage in my eyes at all. The bad news: Dilating my eyes essentially makes me unable to use them for any close-up work for hours. So after the exam, I put on double sunglasses and carefully made my way home. (I hate driving with dilated eyes, but it's at least possible, unlike reading.) After several hours, my eyes started re-focusing so I got online and did some work, to make a full working day on account of having had to leave early to go to the doctor.

This is the most medically-busy week in my life: five medical appointments in four days. And my FSA account is essentially empty with more than two months left to go in the year. Guess I'll have to set aside more money next year -- $3000/year wasn't enough. Unfortunately, you have to guess in November of the previous year, and any unspent money in the plan is forfeited, so it's almost inevitable that you'll undershoot if you're prudent.

My back is getting better each day. I only needed the cane for a few minutes right after getting up, and not so desperately as earlier. I didn't need the back brace or the cane during the day today. And I took a 2km walk after dinner. The pain is still there, but I feel so much better now than I did a few days ago. I should have gone to the chiropractor sooner; however, if I'd gone to the one in Oregon, I wouldn't be able to get ongoing treatment from him, being down here in California and all that.
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