October 23rd, 2009

Pensive Kevin


Over the past week, I have managed to lose $13.75. That is, the difference between what Quicken says I should have in cash and what I actually have is $13.75. I'm used to there being small differences -- a few cents here and there -- but it's rare for me to be off by that much. It's a minor annoyance, obviously, but I like keeping my accounts neat, and don't like losing track of stuff like that. And that's actually two different reconciliations in a week -- I was off by $4 a few days ago and about $9 today -- so I've scrambled things at least twice in a week.
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Pros and Cons

Thanks to Gary Farber for pointing out that Mike Resnick is unhappy about Worldcons not being held mostly in the USA near where publishers and pros can get there regularly and driving away all of the media fans. He holds up events like Dragon*Con and Comic-Con as what's good -- professionally-run events with monster attendance, which is good for publishers and good for authors trying to reach their readers.

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All of the things to increase Worldcon attendance are possible. I've said before that Worldcons would be better of with an attendance closer to 10K than below 5K. But if you did the things that the Monster Events do, could you still with a straight face plausibly call it a Worldcon? Or does that simply not matter? Maybe having >100K people attending is the only thing that matters. In that case, WSFS should just transfer the service marks to San Diego Comic Con, Inc. (Comic-Con's parent) and give up entirely.
Conrunner Kevin

Good to be Back

I had my second chiropractic treatment today, and once again, the relief is multiplied. Pain that I'd scored at 8-9 (on a 0 = no pain and 10 = unbearable) was down to 2-3. I have one more treatment next Wednesday morning, and then we'll see if we need to do another one after that, but I know I am feeling immensely better.

I logged more than 5,000 steps yesterday, and while I'm still feeling resistance in my back, I'm working step by step to recovery. I am not going to be lifting any heavy loads anytime soon, however.
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