October 28th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Relax the Back

This morning was my third and (I hope) final visit to the chiropractor. I got the full hour of treatment, including ultrasound, the massage table, and the doctor making loud popping noises come from my back and neck. I explained to him that pretty much all of the pain is gone, and he was pleased (as of course am I) at how quickly I responded to the treatment. There are no more treatments scheduled, and as long as I take it easy and let my back continue to heal itself -- and work on my posture -- I should be okay. But if not, I know to head back to Vitality Health Services and Dr. Rishi Shahani.

I am extremely pleased with the results I've had here. From not being able to walk two weeks ago and being afflicted with screaming pain from back spasms, I feel completely myself again and ready to walk 10 km without blinking.
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