October 29th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Backing Up

Another step on the road to recovery: I folded up the back brace and put it away. Good thing I saved the packaging so I could store it easily. Am still a little tender in the back first thing in the morning, but nothing serious. Still, there's no heavy lifting for me for a while -- doctor's orders! Just putting on my backpack with my computer in it (about 15-20 pounds when fully loaded) is enough of a concern right now.
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WSFS Captain 2

Early Halloween

As it happens, today is "costume day" at my office, and there will be children coming by doing trick-or-treating, so I bought one bag of candy that I'm not supposed to eat myself for the purpose of handing out to the kids.

I have relatively little in the way of costumes in stock at the moment, so it's back into my WSFS uniform today. Hope the traffic across the Dumbarton Bridge isn't too bad.