November 16th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

No Pressure

As part of my health-maintenance regimen, I check my blood pressure each morning using a manual cuff I bought shortly after my original diabetes/high-blood pressure diagnosis. This morning, while pumping up the cuff, I found it wouldn't hold pressure anymore. One of the hoses has sprung a leak. Combined with a dent in the stethoscope, I guess it's time to go buy a new blood pressure kit. I hope it's something my health-care spending account covers.
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Kevin and Lisa

Wild Wind in Oregon

Lisa called with a weather update. Kuma and her are sitting in a dimly-lit trailer (preserving battery power) because shortly after Kuma's last message, as Lisa was carrying him home, they saw a big flash and heard a bang and all of the lights in the neighborhood went out! The trailer can run on batteries, and the refrigerator can run on propane, so they're okay for now. But they are a little scared, as there is some wild wind running out there. Here's hoping it doesn't get any worse. I told them to stay dry and warm.