November 21st, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Grumpy Computer

I have a recurring problem with my computers recognizing the microphone on my headset. At least half the time, the computers do not recognize the microphone. Usually, rebooting the machine makes it start to recognize it, but tonight, I've rebooted the main computer four times and not once has it recognized the mic. Note that I've tried two different microphones, and the microphones have been recognized correctly on the other computer -- but only after one reboot. Since it takes around 3-4 minutes per reboot (and that's just to reach the point where I can launch Skype), by the time I had a working connection in order to return a call from Lisa, she had presumably gotten tired of waiting for me to call back and had turned off the ringer so she could (I hope) get some sleep. And now with any luck I will be able to get some sleep.

Out Today

It's a busy day ahead. First, there's the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting at 11 AM, and after that, I've agreed (as the group's most notorious non-drinker) to be the designated driver to drive a group of us up to St. George's Spirits for their open house event.

The Centerville Train Station where SFSFC meets is close enough to my apartment that I normally walk down there for meetings, but since we'll be leaving directly for Alameda after the meeting, I guess I'll drive there this morning.

I slept in an hour this morning, but it's not really enough. I hope to not have to get up early tomorrow.
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