November 26th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Thanksgiving Presents

I will be away from home for nearly the entire month of December and will thus have no time for Christmas shopping or sending presents to my family. Therefore, instead, as I explained to my mother, she and my sister are getting Thanksgiving baskets instead of Christmas baskets.

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I left the baskets of various nice foodstuffs for my mother and sister at my grandfather's house. Mom didn't have time to take one to my sister on this trip as she needed to get up the hill before dark, but will be back down in a few days and will deliver one to Kelli then.

Lisa happened to call my grandfather's house mere moments after I'd washed my hands after my battle with the turkey -- actually, it wasn't that difficult to carve the smoked turkey that Mom bought, yum -- to once again pass along her regrets at not being able to make the trip.

Incidentally, I'm also thankful that the tree that fell on the old house in Mehama seems to have done no harm. Lisa agrees with my theory that the tree actually fell over slowly, and that its branches slowed its fall through other trees and onto the roof, and that a lot of the tree's weight is still being borne by the lower part of the tree's trunk that is still standing. The challenge, of course, is how are we going to get the tree off the roof without generating a catastrophic failure. One things is for sure: we need to have a day or two of clear weather while I'm there simply to attempt it.
Kevin and Lisa

Surplus Small Hard Drives

Lisa informs me that she's had a couple more of the small (40GB and smaller) hard drives on her laptop computers have gone bad on her. She doesn't need a big drive, but it's difficult to buy small IDE laptop hard drives at all, save refurbished drives online, and even those are annoyingly expensive. Anyone have any small IDE laptop hard drives sitting on a shelf that you want to get rid of?