December 7th, 2009

Conrunner Kevin

Ready to Go

The Austin downtown post office is about 1200 steps from the hotel -- 15 minutes' walk. It would have been less if I hadn't kept hitting red lights at the intersections. I mailed the poster tube back to Oregon. The clerk remarked at how well-used the mailing tube was, and she's right: it's traveled Bay Area-Oregon-Bay Area-Austin and now -Oregon by mail. It is an effective re-use of supplies. OTOH, it means we have to keep covering up old routing stickers with other stickers to prevent the tube from being mis-routed.

At the hotel's front desk, I gave them a note (printed in their business center) explaining that if and when a box addressed to me arrives in the ordinary postal mail that they should refuse delivery and tell them to return it to the sender, and if there are any questions to call me on my mobile phone. I'll take care of it when I get back to California next month.

I'm now pretty much packed and will be heading to the airport in half an hour or so for my flight to Houston and then on to Columbus on Continental.

I continue to try to not fret too much about my personal computer refusing to boot. I can but hope that it's the same problem as before and that with the external drive connector, I'll be able to get the most recent versions of my files off of it. Even without that, it's not a devastating loss as the most recent clone before that was two nights before I left for Austin -- a clone that may already have arrived in Oregon in the box o' stuff I mailed there Thursday. It's just really inconvenient, that's all.