December 15th, 2009


From the Depths of Time...

...comes a late post to something I wrote last October about Worldcon membership costs. totient writes:

Suppose the voting fee is $50 and comes with (a) a supporting membership, and (b) the right to convert that to attending for $100 for at least 90 days. Why assign all of the $50 of value to the supporting membership? Why not offer supporting memberships for $20 after the vote, omitting the option to convert (at least for only $100) from those memberships?

I don't see a problem here.
This of course goes right to the heart of the matter, summed up as "decoupling supporting and attending membership costs," and has been a subject of interest on and off for years. It raises passions on all sides almost every time it comes up.

Rather than trying to repeat the entire set of lengthy comments that were posted originally (and lose their context), I suggest that many of you who read this journal might want to comment back there. I'm therefore going to close comments on this post and suggest you click through the link and see what's going on.