December 20th, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

More Hotel NIghts

Lisa has had great difficulty sleeping, and I can't drive a manual transmission reliably, so when she picked me up from PDX late last night, we decided it would be better to spend the night in Portland. We went to the Holiday Inn Express near the airport, where they upgraded us to an Executive King at a pretty good room rate. At least this time we got some sleep. The last time we stayed in this particular hotel, it was the night before the start of the Japan trip, where we needed to be up absurdly early for a 6 AM flight out of PDX, and because we arrived at the hotel so late, we basically didn't sleep, but simply used the room as a place to wait for a few hours before catching the shuttle to the airport. Poor Lisa's tinnitus continues to bedevil her, so she didn't get much sleep, but at least she's rested enough to get us home. I slept pretty well, but because I'm still sort of on Eastern time, I woke up at 6 AM by myself. It's a good thing I wasn't relying on my cell phone alarm, because I had the alarm set for Monday-Friday only.

But as I was composing this message, I realized that check-out time at this hotel is 11 AM rather than the Noon it was in Columbus, so now I need to hustle up and finish packing. Not that I did much unpacking last night.