December 23rd, 2009

Kevin and Lisa

Portland One Night Stand

Because of Lisa's early-morning medical appointment, we came up to Portland tonight and am staying at the Holiday Inn Express near my company's Portland office. (Alas, I couldn't quite swing a legitimate reason to be needed in that office today; otherwise, I could probably have expensed it.) On the surface, it seemed like it should be a simple trip for packing; I'm already living out of a suitcase, so I just needed to toss things back into the suitcase and off we go.

Except that, when unpacking my CPAP machine, I realized that I'd left the power cable in Mehama. Blast!

Lisa examined the connection. It's a standard two-prong power cable, and we headed over to the Radio Shack store in Lloyd Center. It's increasingly difficult to find actual electronic parts at a Radio Shack -- they mostly seem to want to sell you mobile phones these days -- but a clerk asked Lisa if we needed help, and when we described the cord we needed, she said, "Oh, I'm sure we have one of those," and she proceeded to find one for us." Hooray for store clerks who actually know their business!

So we headed back to the hotel, bought some milk and small snacks from the Co-Op grocery around the corner, wished there was a Famima nearby, and instead got a take-out pizza from the neighborhood place across the street from our hotel. After eating, Lisa took advantage of a full-sized bathroom (in a room where the furnace isn't on the fritz) to take a nice long bath, and headed off to bed. I'm off to dreamland myself in a few minutes.