January 6th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

In Search of Reading Material

The weather forecast said that we should expect 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow, so after I left work about 6:30, I thought I'd go down to Canal Winchester, where I thought I'd seen a Borders bookstore on my previous trip out here. I was only a few pages from the end of the first of the two books that Lisa gave me before I left Oregon, and I didn't want to be without reading material.

To my annoyance, it turned out that what I'd thought was a Borders was a completely unrelated business whose sign, seen from a distance, had a vague resemblance to that of Borders. I spent much of the next hour driving around the Canal Winchester/Groveport/South Columbus area in light snow flurries in a fruitless search for a bookstore. I eventually gave up and went back to the hotel to get online and search for books. There I found that there was a Half Price Books about ten miles away, so I headed over there and picked up a couple of inexpensive history books that I reckon should keep me stocked during what free time I have here.

Across the road from Half Price Books was a Chipotle, and while I had food in stock -- half of a rib dinner I picked up from a roadside stand between my office and my hotel yesterday -- I decided to take the "target of opportunity." However, when I got there, I found the line out the door and balked. I wasn't going to wait nearly as long as it would take me to get "home" just to order a burrito. I headed back to the hotel and tore into the leftover ribs from OD on BBQ.

I have been taking driving very carefully, as I have no cold-weather/snow driving experience to speak of. That's why I wanted to get out there tonight while the pavement was more or less clear, before things get bad tomorrow.