January 9th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Unexpected Follow-Up

Some of you may recall me complaining a couple of years ago about having let myself get sucked into a "debt reduction" scam that started out with an automated, unsolicited robo-call that came in on a day when I was feeling particularly depressed about my finances. Collapse )

I filed a protest of the violation of my listing on the national Do-Not-Call registry, which the original robo-call was. I assumed nothing would actually happen, and that the protest list is just a feel-good measure, since the government seemed unlikely to me to spend resources on stuff like this. After all, we need to spend infinite amounts of money on ever-increasing Security Theatre to Make Us Feel Safe. (Note that my wording "feel safe" is deliberate.)

To my surprise, I got a call yesterday from a staffer at the Federal Trade Commission's office that works on the Do Not Call Registry. They were actually following up my complaint and asked me for more details. Alas, being here in Columbus, I couldn't get my file on this (Yes, I still have it back in California), but I told him as much as I could. Whether it will make a difference, I don't know, but I was still surprised that anyone paid any attention to it at all, even if it did take them this long to get around to it. Maybe some state's Attorney General is chasing that particular scammer and is trying to accumulate evidence. I can but hope.
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