January 10th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Winter Walking

Today is the first clear day since I got to Columbus, and while it's still quite cold (-8C as I write this), it's clear and sunny, and I decided after once again over-eating at the hotel's breakfast bar, that I'd take a shot at going for a walk in the snow. My pedometer is not on my belt at the moment (the clip has fallen off again), but using the Gmap-pedometer site, I later estimated that my route was approximately 3.5 km, which is not bad. It's only an estimate because the tool won't let me plot points that aren't on what it considers a street, and when the current version of the Google map was drawn, the Giant Eagle across the road was still a building site and the access road wasn't built, so I estimated my walk across their parking lot and back by stretching the trip up Hamilton Road and back. The view in Gmap is also misleading because of course right now everything is covered in snow as opposed to when the photos were taken.

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Despite my being from the Sierra Nevada foothills, I'm not really a "snow kind of guy" (anyone else from Northern California remember the South Lake Tahoe commercials that featured that character?), but an occasional outing like this, particularly under what must be ideal conditions, is nice. It feels like the snow is so dry that it won't hold shape, so snowball fights and snow sculptures are out, but sliding in it -- probably with a board rather than a sled -- looks likely enough if you had the right hill.

Having spent seven hours working on my Day Jobbe project last night, I think I'll take advantage of the good weather and clear roads to go out for a drive, nowhere in particular, but just to see what I can see.