January 13th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Just In Time

On January 2, I ordered refills of all of my prescriptions. (They were due for renewal from my mail-order pharmacy, but I needed to wait until my FSA reset on Jan 1 in order to cover the co-payments for three-month supplies of four kinds of pills, an onitment, test strips, and nasal spray. Given that Medco has usually been pretty fast in filling these things and that I would be in Columbus for two weeks and that I was going to run out of stuff -- I was already out of test strips -- I instructed them to send the medication to my hotel in Columbus. When I checked in, I told them to expect this.

A couple of days ago, Medco called to explain that because they'd stopped covering one of the medications that they used to cover, they'd help up processing all of the items on the order. We resolved that, but I complained about the situation with the almost-out-of-stuff, and they expressed the entire order to me. When I got back from work this afternoon, the hotel had delivered my prescriptions to my room. This is good, because tonight I would have taken the last dose of one of the pills that I had with me.

I went thirteen days without testing my blood sugar, but will go back on the testing regime tomorrow morning. I'm somewhat anxious to see what my levels are. With so little time for exercise, I'm concerned that I'm "running hot," so to speak. Testing twice daily serves as a good feedback mechanism for me to adjust my behavior accordingly.