January 16th, 2010

Not Sensible

Said Better Than I Could

Thanks to yourbob for calling to my attention Keith Olberman's scathing reply to the idiotic remarks of Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh regarding the disaster in Haiti.

Update, 20 Jan 10:00: There have been anonymous unsigned replies posted to this entry. I won't unscreen them. It is my general policy to not allow anonymous and unsigned posts through. You don't need an LJ account to post replies, but if you are not an LJ user, you must sign your anonymous posts. There is a place for anonymity, but most of the drive-by anonymous posters to this journal are either robots or cowards, and I have no time for either of them.
Kevin and Lisa

Splats and Oops

As I did not have to go into the office today -- although I do have to get work done today -- and the housekeeper wanted me to get out of the room so he could clean it, I went out on an errand about Noon. I had a 35% off discount coupon from Borders that was good this weekend only, and the weather was dry (albeit foggy), I decided to go ahead and drive up to the nearest one, located in North Columbus. I picked out a book, resisted the urge to buy more books about trains, particularly hardcovers (I have to worry about weight coming back next weekend), and headed out to the car.

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I drove back south in a leisurely fashion, along US-33 Riverside Road and through downtown Columbus, before picking up US-40 in Bexley, then looping around to I-70 back to US-33 and down to Canal Winchester, where I had lunch at my "usual" Waffle House before heading back to the hotel.

What's the Oops? Well, I realized while driving around that today is Lisa's birthday, and that I hadn't even sent her a card, let alone a present. I've been so immersed in my work that almost nothing else has entered my mind. I tried calling, but Lisa's sleep schedule is essentially random due to tinnitus, and she leaves the ringer off most of the time. Bad Kevin.
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