January 29th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Going for Gold

I just checked my Priority Club statement, and I've already earned enough points this year to renew my membership at the gold level for next year, and I'm halfway to renewing for Platinum again. Admittedly, the levels aren't that high -- 20K points for gold, 60K for platinum, and once you get to platinum the first time, you start getting a 50% points bonus on every stay. Also, as others have pointed out, Priority Club isn't a particularly impressive hotel loyalty program compared to the Hilton and Marriot systems. But they've been pretty good to me, and now I have enough points that some of my summer travel this year -- going to and from Westercon, for instance -- will be on points. And I keep getting those room upgrades, such as they are.

It's an aberration, of course -- I'm not really that much of a road warrior -- caused by the five weeks in Columbus. But I'm not complaining! I'll take the points and the minor-league perks that come with the territory. And I have more night coming: five in Fort Worth, plus one each way going to and coming back from Oregon in February, at Yreka and Medford respectively.
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