February 28th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin


Lisa offered to make a cooked meal last night when we got back to Mehama, but I told her not to bother. After a light snack, I fell into bed and went into hibernation.

Fifteen hours later (yes, fifteen, I finally woke up on my own. That's about as much sleep in one straight shot as I had three out of the five nights I had in the hotel in Arlington combined. I'm feeling better now, although I did wake up with a backache. Not the screaming pinched-nerve-I-can't-walk pain, but stiff and sort from flying and from sleeping so solidly.

I have work to do on the computer, but the wonderful weather out there is drawing me away. I did set up all three of my computers (the one work machine and two personal ones -- I only took the work machine to Texas) so allow the two personal machines some time to connect to the internet and download updates. And now I'm watching the gold medal final in Olympic hockey between the USA and Canada. But after that, I've got to get outside for a while. The Day Jobbe stuff can wait until this evening, I think.
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How Soon They Forget

Cheryl is angry, and justifiably so, and I share her anger, at what amounts to an attempt to write her out of the history of the Hugo Award and to pretend she never existed and her fairly significant contribution to the Hugo Awards never happened. And I'm further gobsmacked by the arrogance of claiming that last year's Best Fanzine winner was "he first winner of Best Fanzine to be primarily published online." What ignorance!

For the benefit of those whose memories are short, Emerald City was the first Best Fanzine winner that was, from its beginning, primarily distributed electronically, first as e-mailed files and later through the web site. (Yes, other 'zines were by that time being primarily e-distributed, but they started as "traditional" paper 'zines, and apparently that gave them "grandfather" rights as far as the Old Guard saw it.) There were people who quite seriously claimed that because it wasn't primarily printed on paper, Emerald City wasn't a "proper fanzine" and shouldn't even be allowed on the Hugo Awards ballot. Now, a decade later, we have people who have completely forgotten this and think that they are somehow trailblazers. Idiots.

Update, 1 Mar 0720: The editor of StarShipSofa has apologized, as has the person who made the mistake. It still shows how short some people's memories are, as he said, "because [Emerald City] has been gone for nearly 4 years I’d forgotten it was web-based."