March 3rd, 2010

Match Game SF

Norwescon Prep

I was in such a rush (and so overloaded with work) when I left California that I didn't have time to sort the Match Game SF kit and decide what needed to go north and what could stay south for use at other conventions later this year. So last night, Lisa and I went through what I brought and separated things into "what we need for Norwescon" and "what can go back to California" piles.

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The material that's heading back south with me is now safely stored in my van, lest I forget and leave it behind. Lisa will have enough to transport in her pickup when she drives down to Westercon later this year with the Tsuki Systems Tech Kit. We have reached the point where we can stage the whole show without any additional tech support from the host convention other than making sure we have a power outlet and preferably a table and chairs from which to work, and some time to set up, all of which Norwescon has provided us.
Conrunner Kevin

The Importance of a Conjunction

I wonder why so many of the "Big and Tall" sections of stores are really "Big or Tall" sections? Is it so difficult to contemplate someone being 190cm tall (about 6'3") and also broad around the middle (about 135 kg/300 lbs)?

This observation brought to you by the unfortunate fact that I gained between ten and fifteen pounds over the December-January period when I was in Columbus most of the time working 12-plus-hour days, and taking that weight off has proven much more difficult than putting in on was; therefore, I'm going to have to get a few larger bits of clothing, although I hope it's merely a temporary measure. I gave away all of my size-46 slacks a couple of years ago precisely to give myself a dis-incentive to gaining weight like that.