March 4th, 2010

Match Game SF

Some Missions Accomplished

At Office Depot yesterday, I bought two more sheets of 20x30 foam core for the purpose of making a new set of Match Game SF signs. But the only small dry-erase boards they had were too large and too fancy and too expensive for what we want. Lisa says that maybe looking into getting some "dry-erase paint" might be the best course of action after all. Although it makes for other work, the idea is that we could get some wood, paint the wood on one side with the dry-erase paint, put the logo on the other side, and build brackets for holding the boards, which would also help the host know when the panelists were ready. It's been many years since my woodshop days, but I think they have the tools here to do this. I wouldn't expect to be ready by Norwescon, though.
Kevin and Lisa

She's a Lumberjack, but I'm Okay

We had a non-rainy day today, and I was able to free up enough of my afternoon that Lisa and I could get out and cut trees and clear brush.

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It's good to get these branches cut, but hauling the wood is a hassle. We may need to look into renting a wood chipper sometime in order to reduce these many piles of wood debris to more manageable form.