March 7th, 2010

Kreegah Bundalo


Oog. I hurt all over, although it's all muscle aches, not the pinched-nerve-screaming-I-can't-walk pain, thank goodness. I wish we had more time today so we'd be able to clear more of the fallen tree branches that Lisa cut yesterday; however, we are heading to Portland in a little while, and we'll be up there all of this coming week while I take training classes for a new software package I'll be using in my work.

And besides, the weather forecast is for rain all of this week (maybe even snow!), so we wouldn't be able to get much done anyway.
Menlo WWL


Well, we're moved in to the hotel in Portland. My Priority Club Platinum upgrade-fu failed this time -- the hotel is too full and there are no upgrades available -- but we're okay otherwise. It's a good thing that I bought all of my computer stuff and spare cables, because the hotel-provided Ethernet cable doesn't work. I was able to use my own cables in their place. After a brief walk to my company's office here (about three blocks away) to remind myself of where I'll be going tomorrow morning, we went by the Food Front co-op grocery near the hotel to get some groceries.

On the way back to the hotel, I was carrying a gallon of milk when I tripped on an uneven patch of sidewalk and started stumbling forward. I stumbled several steps and made the snap decision to drop the gallon of milk that I felt was keeping me from regaining my footing. The milk went flying and I managed to right myself without performing a face-plant on the sidewalk. Fortunately, the milk landed on the grassy verge and didn't burst open. No harm done other than my knee twinges slightly. Lisa washed the gallon off and put it away when we got back to the room.

Yesterday, Saturday, March 6, was something of a welcome milestone. It was the first day since January 2 that I did not log at least one hour on the Day Jobbe. Today could be considered partially working since I'm traveling on my own time (as are many of my co-workers from other parts of the country) to Portland for the training classes we'll be taking this coming week.

In a few minutes, we're going to head down to the hot tub, where we hope to soak away some of the aches we have from the previous two days' relatively intense yard work. We're not in our twenties anymore, and my normal work is so sedentary that while the spirit is willing, the flesh and muscle can be regrettably weak. I'm sure that if I did this sort of thing more often rather that sitting behind a computer most of the time, it wouldn't be quite so wearing when I did get out and active. Not that one weekend pays for months of overeating and insufficient exercise, of course.

Update, 20:00: The hot tub jets are broken, doggone it. It's plenty hot, and that helps somewhat. We'll complain to the management tomorrow.