March 29th, 2010


Skunk Works

I went out fairly late tonight -- 11 PM -- to buy a pound of coffee beans from the coffee house near my apartment. They're open until Midnight, and it was remarkably busy for being after 11 on a Sunday night. After buying my coffee, I went out on a walk round the train station, trying to take a different path than the one that intersected a skunk a few nights ago. While walking back up the station platform, I saw half a dozen of the local feral cats go tearing off in the same direction. Since that direction was away from me, I assumed that I'd scared them off until I rounded a corner and saw, less than ten meters away, The Skunk. And now I know why it's hanging abound, as it was chowing down on the food that people leave out for the cats.

I edged away while the Skunk turned tail toward me. Fortunately, it didn't spray me, and I once again changed course and Went Away From There.

Sigh. I like walking, and this route is a regular, mostly well-lit one for me, but I don't want to get The Skunk riled up at me.