April 3rd, 2010

Match Game SF

Match Game Wrap

Match Game SF went really well, apart from an embarrassment gaffe by me accidentally answering a question when I was trying to pose it to the contestant. This was our first show using the Tsuki Systems wireless microphone connection with my ECM-51A, and overall I think it went quite well. The room we had was just the right size; neither too crowded nor too roomy. The audience was enthusiastic, and we gave away some prizes.

The internet works in this room -- it's the same one we'll be using for the Hugo Award Announcement on Sunday afternoon -- and I'm using it right now to post this. But I can't last very long -- Lisa is taking the gear back to the hotel room, and I'm worn out and exhausted. I'm so happy that I have no panels Saturday until 6 PM and no commitments until then. Not setting an alarm for Saturday morning.
Conrunner Kevin

Norwescon Saturday Night

I finally got some photos of things other than Match Game SF on Saturday night as I hung around in the lobby outside the Masquerade. I couldn't get into the photo area proper, and I was late to the photo shoot entirely on account of Lisa and I went and had dinner after my 6 PM panel with twilight2000 on "What Popped Your Fannish Cherry" (stories of people's first experiences with fandom). That panel was surprisingly well attended, with about 16 people (which is about right for the size room we were in).

I am remiss about doing proper convention reportage. Once I had the show behind me, I lost a lot of my drive and sort of went limp today. Now I'm looking forward to getting the Hugo Announcement event working tomorrow. We don't get the room until exactly 2 PM, which is when the event in the UK is supposed to start, so we may not be present exactly when the event starts. I'll try to get online sooner and (I hope) get set up during the last part of the panel prior to our 2 PM start.