April 10th, 2010


Quick Trip to Sutter

I have a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to put into my storage locker, and there was no reason to put it off any longer, so this morning I headed north on the 3 1/2 hour drive to Yuba City. Today was pretty close to the perfect weather for doing the locker work. Not raining, not cold, but overcast and thus not hot either, with a slight breeze. The breeze is important because every time I get into the locker, the first thing I need to do is take the broom that I keep handy at the front of the locker and beat down cobwebs, spiders -- including the occasional black widow, I'm afraid -- and dust. The breeze helps clear the junk away.

This time, I decided that there are some things in that locker that I should have tossed out long ago, and now I had to do so in order to make room for the boxes going in. So in fact the van came back just as full as when I left the apartment, but most of it is to be recycled, donated to charity if they'll take the old beat-up office chair, or simply trashed if necessary. There are no dumpsters at the storage place -- you have to haul away your own trash.

Then I went out to my grandfather's house in Sutter, where I surprised my grandfather and my mother -- Mom has taken to spending several days each week at my grandfather's house -- since I hadn't told them I was coming. (I wasn't sure I was going to make the trip until this morning.) We ended us spending several hours cheerfully chatting away, as we do when we get together, before I realized that it was getting close to 7 PM and I needed to get on the road, since I wasn't spending the night in Yuba City the way I often do on these trips.

I stopped for dinner on the way home, but I ate too much and of the wrong things, and couldn't take time to exercise, which led to much-too-high blood sugar readings of 202 an hour later and even more worrisome, 203 an hour after that. (It had at least come down to a normal 103 an additional 90 minutes later, when I got back to Fremont.)

That's almost exactly 300 miles of driving -- about 7 hours on the road -- plus the 90 minutes at the locker wrestling with dusty furniture and wrangling boxes. (I need to remember to bring some gloves for the next time I do that.) I think I'm tired.