April 14th, 2010

Giants Fanatic

That's the Way to Do It

I couldn't listen to the first part of today's Giants-Pirates baseball game because I was in a conference call, but I heard the last three innings when I went out for a walk after lunch. I missed Aubrey Huff hit an inside-the-park home run, aided by an odd bounce off of the brickwork at AT&T Park. Huff has yet to hit a ball over the fence as a Giant, but now has one home run to his credit.

The Giants went on to beat Pittsburgh 6-0, and Jonathan Sanchez, who was shakey on his first start, looked very strong and probably could have pitched a complete game if they hadn't wanted to have closer Brian Wilson get some work in today prior to the Giants' travel day tomorrow. They have started the season 7-2, which is really good as they now head off to play the the hated Dodgers, then the Padres.
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