April 17th, 2010


Eight Days a Week

I appear to have lived roughly eight "days" in the past week, based on the extra part-day that sneaked in between Friday and Saturday. By that I mean that I fell asleep around 5 PM Friday afternoon, slept until just before Midnight, and then got up and had "dinner" (bad idea; blood sugar spiked high because I didn't exercise) and was up until between 4:30 and 5 AM, then went back to bed and slept until 10 AM.

I made my now-almost-traditional trek to the Farmers' Market in Centerville before breakfast, and did a big breakfast (which I enjoy doing when I have the time for it) that I didn't actually eat until close to noon. After all of that food, a long walk was indicated, so it was off to Quarry Lakes park. It was a great afternoon (accompanied by a baseball game where the Giants were thrashing the Dodgers). I stirred up a jackrabbit while walking along the "back stretch" where the trail is sandwiched between the lakes and the BART tracks. On the next segment along the Alameda Creek trail, I lost track of the number of little lizards contentedly sunning themselves on the rip-rap.

The 5 km walk around the lakes had the desired effect on getting my blood sugar tamed to a normal level, and I settled in to watch the last part of the Giants-Dodgers game.

Tonight, I'm heading up to San Francisco for tonight's SF in SF reading. I might have to leave a little early, however, because I would like to be home in time to watch the Formula 1 race, coverage of which starts at 11:30 PM Pacific time.