April 19th, 2010

Match Game SF

Minor Mystery Solved

Some of you may be aware the Lisa drove to Noreascon 4 in Boston. This meant that she was able to pick up a number of small items in the moving-out day disposition of items, and one of the things she picked up was the handy folding easel stand that we've used ever since for the Match Game SF question board. When she was consolidating several boxes of MGSF stuff into the new professional rolling case before Norwescon, she couldn't find the stand and had to go buy a new one. This was irritating.

Yesterday, while tidying up around the apartment, I found the Boston stand. Apparently in one of the many box-shuffling moves, I took the stand out of the old box in which it normally lives and forgot to put it back, and it stayed in California when I transported stuff north on my previous drive to Oregon. Mea Culpa.

Fish, Birds, Turtles, Etc.

I worked from home today and went for a walk after lunch. One of the park trails that had been flooded for a while has finally reopened because the water subsided, so I went that way for a change of pace. I disturbed a turkey vulture having its lunch — a big fat fish that it had hauled onto the shore. The vulture took wing and looped around, making low passes over me until I moved off far enough for it to resume eating.

Looping around the lake, I came upon a solitary goose standing in the path. It hissed at me but didn't want to give way. I told the goose I didn't care what it thought — I was coming through. As I passed, I spotted a turtle perched on a half-submerged tree branch in the pond. I didn't know we had turtles in that lake. The turtle lurched into the lake and swam off, and I continued down the trail. Continuing to take paths I normally don't use, I looped past the largest of the Quarry Lakes, the water in which is very high. I was astonished to hear and see fish noisily splashing around in the shallow water near the shore. I guess the feeding must be good in that area. If you wanted to fish there, you wouldn't need a hook and line — just a net and a long pole.

I thought of travelswithkuma and all of the fish as I completed my loop and headed back to work. It's nice being able to get away from the computers for a while every day.