April 20th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Headset Challenged

A few days ago, the headset for my mobile phone stopped working. I didn't have anything else on which to test it, but given the exposed wires in the cable, I decided it was probably the headset and not the phone. So for a few days, I simply couldn't answer the phone if I got a call while driving. Fortunately, the only such call I got turned out to be a call from the office setting up the Citizens Redistricting Commission to remind me that there were only a few days left to complete the second-stage application. I had long since concluded that I wouldn't have the time to be able to serve if selected and had given up on it, so the reminder was not an issue.

Anyway, yesterday I got around to buying a new headset. I got the least-expensive one they had, just as I tend to get the least-feature-ridden phones they offer. But I'm glad of one feature on the new headset, which is a button that allows me to answer and hang up the phone without having to remove it from my holster. I'd been troubled that to answer a call, I had to deholster it to open the case, after which I would stick it back in the holster. I'm not sure if that was violating the hands-free law or not. Now it's not an issue.

As I drive quite a bit during work hours on account of working mornings at home and then driving to the office, I want to be accessible by phone while driving if necessary.
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SMOFCon 28 Programming Design Information Posted

SMOFCon 28 (San Jose CA, Decmeber 3-5, 2010) has posted information about the convention programming design. More information there and on the convention's Programming Page.

I finally remembered to enter my own registration for the convention. I've been sufficiently wrapped up in working on it that I forgot to register myself. And since I want to save SFSFC the PayPal/credit card processing fees, I'm mailing a check.