April 21st, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

In The Chair

I have a heavy (62 pound) office chair that many years ago graced the office of a manager at Blue Shield of California before they surplused it and I picked it up. I have no more room for it and am trying to give it away to someone who wants it. The local St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store won't take it because of the upholstery damage to the arms caused by years of bumping against desks. I've put it on the local FreeCycle, but so far the only nibble was someone who never wrote back after I tried to make transfer arrangements.

I've put up some photos of The Chair starting here.

I'd be happy to give this chair to anyone who wants it. I can hand it over at at BASFA meeting, or even drop it off at your place if you're anywhere near where I am in Fremont or San Mateo or in between.

If I don't get a taker pretty soon, I'm going to have to toss it in the dumpster, which seems a pity because while it's not the prettiest thing in the world, it's sturdy and fit-for-purpose -- I just don't have anywhere to keep it.

If interested, leave a comment, send an LJ message, or e-mail me -- if you don't have my address, you can use my LJ handle @livejournal.com and it will get to me.