April 23rd, 2010


Another Quick Trip to Yuba City

I recently learned that my sister's dining room table broke, and offered to give her a table that I have that I've never used as a dining table, but mainly as a place to pile up books, papers, etc. She agreed, so I've packed the table (and several boxes of books to put into my storage locker) into the back of my van and will take them up to Yuba City tomorrow. Although I can do it in a single long day as I did two weeks ago, the Holiday Inn Express in YC is offering a more reasonable rate than they were offering some months ago -- $40/night less, in fact -- and there's a bonus point offer with Priority Club that will guarantee that my Platinum status will renew for next year, so I'll spend the night up there. Unfortunately, the HIX YC doesn't have any suites, so I never get a room upgrade. It will be nice to be able to spend the day up there and visit with my family with no time pressure to get back on the road. OTOH, it means that I have to pack an overnight bag and bring my computer and work papers, because there's a project at work that might call me and say, in effect, "Find the nearest internet connection and get online and back to work on [Project], pronto." It's the price I pay for the huge amount of flex I have in my time.
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