April 24th, 2010


Moving Stuff North

I was late getting away from Fremont this morning, but fortunately traffic was light. On the other hand, I was feeling very tired while driving, and I stopped at Vacaville and decided I should eat lunch. Having done so, I further decided I needed to take a walk, and put around 2000 steps on the pedometer by looping the Factory Stores. (I even went into one store because they had something I've been meaning to get but which hasn't been sufficiently urgent to justify a special trip.) As a result, I didn't get to my storage locker until after 4 PM.

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Now that my van is empty again, the plan for tomorrow is to go back to the locker and pull out the decaying boxes that need to go back to Fremont with me for re-sorting (and in some cases disposal). Also, my mother said she could use a small file cabinet, and I had one in the locker. I just need to take the files out of the file cabinet so I can give the empty cabinet to her. This means the files also have to go home with me so I can figure out what to do with them. So much of it is 15-plus-year-old business papers that there is no good need to retain that I expect the shredder to be busy when I get around to sorting the stuff.