April 25th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Moving Stuff South

Although I was in no particular hurry this morning, my body woke me up at 6:59 AM, almost like clockwork. When I went to the breakfast bar at the hotel, I found that the full house of the night before had been there before me, leaving things distinctly picked over. I salvaged a hard-boiled egg and a sweet roll and coffee and went back to the room. After checking my mail, I decided that it was time for Second Breakfast. I asked the hotel for a late checkout (no problem with my Platinum status) and I walked to the Hometown Buffet, which is around 1500 steps or so by my odometer. Taking a longer route back from the big breakfast there (around 2500 steps) made for a normal blood sugar reading when I checked it.

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After getting home, I hauled the boxes into my apartment, and they now await my re-sorting them. Much of what's in them needs to be thrown away or recycled; the rest will be put into new boxes and re-stored; however, this time I'll remember that when packing books I need to fill the boxes all the way to the top so that they don't crumple under the weight of the boxes above them. Books don't compress very much, after all, but if you leave clearance between them and the tops of the boxes in which they're stored, eventually you get collapsed boxes.