May 9th, 2010

Pointless Arrow

Tracking Home

I got back home pretty much on schedule this evening. I wrote a bunch of stuff about the first day while I was riding back from Bakersfield, but I don't feel up to posting it all right now, especially as I would like to upload the photos I took, and I'm too tired right now. I'm also annoyed because when I unpacked, I couldn't find the power supply to my computer, which I was using on board the San Joaquin. I called Amtrak; they called the station where my train terminated (Oakland Jack London Square), and they say that nothing was turned in off of that trainset. I asked if they'd look again, and the agent said she'd send an e-mail to the Coach Yard. I'm not hopeful. But I'm pretty sure the thing fell down behind the seat when I thought I was putting it away. And looking at the train schedules, I suspect that Amtrak coach 8031 Mattole River (which my records show was the one on which I was riding) is on its way back to Bakersfield right now, unless the set was recycled into the Capitol pool instead.

If it were the generic Dell power supply, I would be less annoyed because there's a box-full of them in the IT boneyard at the office. But this is that multi-voltage AC/DC travel adapter, and I've been rather fond of how useful it is when traveling. Working from the assumption that Amtrak will never find it, I searched around and found what looks like the same adapter and bought a (refurbished) replacement. Even if Amtrak does find the one I lost, it will not hurt to have a spare.