May 27th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

More Haste, Less Speed

I decided that I should go ahead and get an oil change 200 miles early becuase I'm about to head off on a 1500-mile road trip to Oregon and back, so I stopped by Jiffy Lube on the way to work. The good news was that they were not busy and I went right in, and that I had qualified for a half-price oil change through their frequent-buyer program. The bad news was that the rear differential and automatic transmission fluids were also both due for changing. With a long trip ahead of me, it seemed prudent to go ahead and do those changes. With the discounts, the total damage was under $200, but I still wish I could have spread the charges over a longer period of time. Money is going to be very tight for me for the next week or two. It's probably just as well that I'm not going to be at BayCon.

I still had to be in the office today, as there were things that needed to get cleaned up. At least lunch was free: I cashed in that ticket to the A's-Giants game for a free Round Table Pizza on the way to work.

Now to get things here into shape so that I can leave them be for three weeks. I'll be using these computers, of course, albeit remotely from Oregon.
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Kuma Bear

Stuck on Stickers

I bought a package of round stickers a while back that I used to print up bid stickers for the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid. I printed a couple of sheets for use at Norwescon and to make sure they worked, but I planned to print more for the big show at Westercon, where the bid will have a table (shared with The Luna Project) and where we'll be holding a party on the first night of the convention. When I went to look for the package of blank stickers, I couldn't find it in any of the places I thought I put it. I do hope it turns up; I'd rather not have to spend any more money on buying a new package of the things.
Kuma Bear


I found the round stickers for the Tonopah bid. They were accidentally filed in a box of Match Game SF material. I'm glad to settle that; it's one less thing to worry about for the trip.

I do wish I'd been thinking far enough ahead to print some Tonopah bid fliers for someone to distribute at BayCon. travelswithkuma will be very cross with me for letting down the team.

Lots of packing to do. Like I said, I'm traveling heavy. I'm even taking the printer I bought on the last trip to Oregon back with me because it looks like there's a few things that need printing, and it's actually easier to haul a printer up there than to try and figure out how to get things to print on Lisa's father's networked printer, thanks to a baroque configuration.