May 29th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

And Away We Go

I was pleased to discover this morning that the wired internet access has sufficient bandwidth to stream Tennis Channel's coverage of the French Open, so I brought breakfast back to the room and watched some of the matches while eating. After breakfast, I went out for about a 2 km walk to work off the cinnamon roll, which worked, but also generated a headache due to exercising at altitude. Need to drink more water.

It's a spectacularly beautiful morning here in the Cascades. Blue sky, green hills, and cool temperatures -- it was actually just below freezing when I checked the temperature at 6 AM, but it had warmed up some when I went for my walk. I did remember to slap on more sunscreen for today's drive.

I don't expect to be back online again today, and possibly not even tomorrow, depending on weather and the work schedule. The current forecast for Mehama shows one sort-of clear day, and that's Sunday, which means we'll need to get as much done as we can before the rains return. We probably can't get up on That Darn Roof -- we need a run of several clear, dry days for that -- but there's always something to do around that property.