June 5th, 2010


How to Lose a Customer

This morning I had the highest overnight fasting blood sugar level I've ever had: a (to me) jaw-dropping 150. Collapse )

Sea-Pac opens at 9 AM (Registration opens at 8 AM; the Dealers Room set-up is most of Friday and early Saturday morning). Registration consists of giving them $10/person and getting a blank card with attached stub. You write your name (and usually your call sign) on the card, and put your name/call/address on the stub and deposit it into the prize drawing bin. As usual, Lisa provided attractive pre-made labels for me, her, and for Kuma Bear, who had his own special badge Lisa fashioned for him.

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Having looked through everything at the show, we walked back to the hotel. where Lisa removed the bandages on her foot. The swelling of her damaged toe had subsided sufficiently that she could go back to wearing a shoe on it, albeit an old one with a hole that allowed more room for the toe. Unfortunately, the way she'd been having to favor her led led to her pulling a leg muscle, so she was still limping, albeit somewhat faster than before. Also, the old shoe is white, which makes for an odd contrast with her good black shoe on the other foot.

We walked over to Broadway and looked through the shops, and made my annual Elephant Ear purchase, which Lisa split with me to reduce the impact upon my blood sugar. After that, Lisa found a new t-shirt for Kuma Bear that he'll show off at Westercon. (It's not easy to buy t-shirts for Kuma Bear!) Then it was back to the convention center for the 2:30 door-prize drawings. You have to be present to win for these. I've won things here several times, including a free hotel night and a bottle of local wine that we gave to kproche and bovil. However, our call signs did not come up this time, and we headed back out to walk some more as best we could.

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We once again retreated to the room to nurse our sore feet. Standing on the hard concrete floor of the convention center is not good for the feet, and we've been walking as much as we can, mostly on hard surfaces. We're now putting our feet up and considering dinner options. Some sort of seafood dinner seems called for.

It's been a pretty good day, setting aside the idiot at the battery table. The weather has cooperated (it's supposed to start raining again tonight, though), I seem to have applied sufficient sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned, and Lisa's injured foot is healing. Tomorrow, we go play pinball.
Kevin and Lisa


After a nice seafood dinner at the Shilo Inn looking out onto the ocean, Lisa decided she could sacrifice the old shoe and we went for a long walk along the beach and back up to the Lewis & Clark Monument. As we walked past Ten Tiny Tees, we impulsively decided to play a rematch. We were just in time, as they closed for the night as we were on the course, and we were the next-to-last group playing. (We should have let that group play through. The three of them were playing far faster than Lisa and I were.)

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I got 7500 steps logged today, and the real number is surely at least 20% higher, as the counter is not registering steps well. It's not the ideal 10K, but it's still pretty good, and I expect to sleep well tonight.