June 10th, 2010

Kuma Bear

Tonopah T-Shirt Pre-Orders

If you plan to buy a Friend of the Bid membership for the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid at Westercon in Pasadena, we would really appreciate it if you contacted me in advance -- like in the next week or two -- so that we can buy shirts in the correct size. Otherwise, the only shirts we're going to have at Pasadena will be L and XXL (plus 5XS, which is what Kuma Bear wears).

Why those sizes? Well, if we have shirts left over, we want shirts that either Lisa or I can wear.
Kevin and Lisa

Good and Bad

The good news: The long-range forecast is for several days of dry weather starting Saturday. That means we should finally be able to get out and do some substantial work around here. Oh, I don't want to minimize what we've accomplished. I've hauled many wheelbarrow loads of gravel over to fill in potholes and gravel a muddy walk. Lisa managed to clean the rain gutters while I held the ladder. On the two days in the last ten when it dried out sufficiently to do so, we mowed an acre or two of lawn (me with the small push mower on the edges and small sections; Lisa on the big John Deere park model doing the big pieces). But it's all been nibbling at the edges because it simply hasn't stayed sufficiently dry.

The bad news: while Lisa's sprained foot is getting better, it's still not healed sufficiently for it to be safe for her to go up on That Darn Roof. Just standing on the ladder to poke at the rain gutters was a trial. Running the big lawn mower is not so bad since she's riding it, but clinging to a steeply-pitched roof 2 1/2 stories up is not a good idea if your foot is apt to give way on you at any time.

Still, there's always something to do around here, and not everything requires "high work." Maybe we can finally finish some of the repairs to the large utility trailer that we started two years ago, so that we can use said trailer to haul debris more efficiently. Our yard work generates a lot of wood debris, and it's quite a chore hauling it away one small hand cart at at time.