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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

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Trees Down
Due to a cancellation by another client, the tree-cutting company called yesterday and asked if they could send the crew out early to remove the cedar and poplar trees that Lisa's father had contracted for them to remove. We said yes, and they did. I took many photos of the tree removal and plan to post a longer back-dated entry later going into more detail. I also shot some video that I hope to edit into a single piece showing the more interesting parts of the work. I was really impressed with how well the tree guys did their work. They were very efficient in bringing down a couple of trees, including a fairly tall one that was leaning the wrong way (which was why Lisa's father wanted it cut down in the first place).

There are now 75 pieces of tree sitting out in the field, not counting the maple they dropped last year than we still haven't chopped down to size. The wood in the field ranges from relatively small pieces to a two-meter-long piece of cedar that Lisa asked them to keep with an idea of building something from it. I wish we could have had them de-limb (rather than chip) some of the medium-sized branches. We've saved smaller branches than they shredded for firewood. Instead, there are multiple cubic meters of nice-smelling wood chips dumped in the "coal seam."

Unfortunately, I didn't understand Lisa's instructions regarding the wood chips. I instructed the tree guys to dump the chips near the previous pile, while Lisa wanted it in a different area of the ditch where there currently is nothing. It's a shame, because if we must have all of those wood chips, it would have been nicer to have them in the area she wanted them so that they could flatten out a low spot. Not much that can be done for it now, I fear, not without a small bulldozer or a lot of shovels and wheelbarrow loads of stuff. Sigh.

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Split Those Logs
In between bands of rain showers and occasional hail this afternoon, I went to work splitting some of the cedar tree. For being green wood, it split surprisingly easily. The only problem is that cedar will burn too hot. Lisa points out that when and if we ever burn this stuff, we'll have to turn the damper way down or we'll burn up the stove. I also split a few pieces of the maple tree we cut last year to see if the wood was still sound. Aside from a layer of mud on the outside and a few bits of fungus growing from them, the wood seemed okay.

We have two splitting mauls and a few wedges. While working on a particularly knotty (literally) piece of wood, the head came off of the smaller maul. At that point, Lisa said it was time to quit, and we went over to the hardware store before it closed so we could buy a new maul, since they didn't have any handles that fit the existing head. Even if we can't fix the head that came off, we can use it as an additional wedge.

We hauled three cart-loads of wood to the wood shed. Based on a cord of wood being 128 cubic feet, it should take 19 loads to make one cord.

If I were going to be here all summer and if I split wood every afternoon, I might possibly get it all split by the end of August.

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