June 16th, 2010

Let's Split

Mountain Man

It would appear that, 30 years or so after my father obliged me to spend more time than I ever wanted splitting wood for our fire, that the lessons on work may have taken hold.

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Keep in mind that most of the pieces that need to be split are closer to the size of the larger pieces in this picture, not the relatively small one I'm about to hit here. Yesterday's task was to try and split the small pieces and to size up just how difficult the work will be. My neck and arm muscles hurt, and my grip in my right hand isn't that good.

It's not as though I'll get all of these trees split, or even a significant number of them. But I detest the waste and would really like to get as much of the wood under cover as soon as we can. Even if I can just split the pieces down to a size where Lisa can tote them around when I'm not here, I'll have accomplished something worthwhile, I think. Besides, I think the exercise must be good for me.