June 25th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Kudos to Day-Timer

As I wrote yesterday, I seem to have lost my 2010-11 Day-Timer refill set. This afternoon, I got a call from Jo Hamoui of Day-Timers, who had seen my grump, looked up my customer record, and offered to replace my set at a discount and waive the shipping charges. I was gobsmacked. "That's great!" I said, accepting the offer gratefully. The new set should be here next week sometime, so I should have it when I get back from Westercon, missing only a few days of July from my records. I can improvise with some blank sheets inserted into June if necessary.

It's easy to complain about poor customer service. I wasn't actually unhappy with Day-Timers in the first place — losing the refill set was my own silly fault — but this was fantastic proactive responsiveness on DT's part. I think it's important to praise good customer service as well, and this was something that I'll not soon forget.
Match Game SF

Almost Finished Prep

My thanks to those of you who submitted questions for Match Game SF. I used many of them, and that will keep the number of "reruns" to a minimum (mostly in the tie-breakers, if needed). The question cards are printed and most of our material prepared, except for the commercials, because I'm still waiting for ad copy from Leprecon, which has donated two L37 memberships to the prize pool. They join our "regular" sponsors, Night Shade Books, Springtime Creations, Cargo Cult Books, and Westercon 64, along with the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid. Yes, by the time we go "on the air," the election will be over, but that won't stop travelswithkuma from being a good sport and donating pre-supporting memberships and t-shirts as prizes.

I'll have to put off printing the commercials until Monday. Also, we're still short one panelist, so I can't print a name tent for him/her. We may end up with a different panelist for each of the two shows.

We'll be in Pacific B/C on Friday night at 8 PM and Saturday afternoon at 3 PM. Note that the 3 PM start is "off grid" in that most program items start at 2:30; however, we've asked for the extra half-hour to give us time for tech set-up. Friday night is "Match Game PM" and should be considered potentially R-rated. In both cases, we plan to play four games in our allotted time, with no planned break. In the fairly unlikely event that we underrun, we can dig into the archives of old questions for additional games.