June 28th, 2010

Kuma Bear

Westercon Travel Begins

According to this post and a message Lisa left on my voice mail, Lisa and Kuma are on their way south and will arrive tomorrow afternoon. There the plan is for us to consolidate vehicles (fingers crossed; it will be a squeeze with all of the bid and Match Game gear) and, as soon as I can get away from work, drive south that afternoon, spending the night at Atascadero. (We'd rather stay at Paso Robles because the Holiday Inn Express overlooks the railroad tracks, but it takes fewer points for a free night at Atascadero and I'm harvesting points earned last December on business travel.)

I have all but one of the Match Game items printed (I need to put the commericals together still) and the Westercon stuff packed, including the poster tube with MG and Tonopah stuff. I remembered to pack the Site Selection Ballot Box. All that should be left is my personal luggage and computers, which I will pack mostly tonight.