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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

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Getting Going
Lisa actually got to my office before I did, because I was concentrating on a request that came in this morning that I wanted to finish before driving to to the office. She arrived about fifteen minutes before I did. As I compose this, she's re-packing our vehicles so that we can continue on in just my van, leaving her's here for the weekend. Then we'll head out and grab some lunch and make a couple of stops for errands before heading for Atascadero and our overnight stop tonight.

Current Mood: accomplished
Although we had about 2 1/2 hours of errands in the Bay Area, we managed to make very good time once we got south of San Jose, and were in the hotel room in Atascadero by 6 PM. This gave us time to get some computer work done, including getting the Tonopah slide show (and the slide show viewer) transferred to Lisa's computer. Before we knew it, it was 8 PM and we needed to get some dinner. We went to one place recommended by the front desk, but we got there at 8:15 and they said they closed at 8:30, and neither of us like going into restaurants just before closing because we always feel like they're trying to rush us out. After a troll down El Camino Real, we decided to just get some take-out from Carl's Jr. and go back to the hotel room.

Aside from the relative isolation of the hotel, I shouldn't complain. They upgraded us to a mini-suite. Lisa lamented that she hadn't packed any of our board games on account of the tight space, and here we have a room with a separate large table on which we could have played Empire Builder. The hotel internet has enough bandwidth that I could show Lisa the trailer for the Space Battleship Yamato live-action movie scheduled for release in Japan late this year. Both Lisa and I think that if this trailer is any indication, the movie is gong to be great. At least on the surface, it looks like the producer may Get It.

The Giants-Dodgers game is on the hotel TV -- on the Southern California feed, of course -- but the Giants are not playing well. Kuma Bear seems to be enjoying himself, but he's a Mariners fan, so I can't expect him to be sympathetic.

Because we have only about 200 miles left to go tomorrow, we don't have to rush out of here, other than we want to try to get into Pasadena in between the morning and afternoon commutes.

We're staying in Atascadero because it saves on Holiday Inn points, but if all things were equal, I think we would have been happier stopping at Paso Robles, based on the availability of restaurants and services within walking distance of the hotel combined with being able to watch trains out the hotel window from Paso Robles.

Current Mood: stressed

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